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We understand that the ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about being visible and present with your site on popular search engines such as Google.

The higher your SEO ranking, the higher you’ll be placed in the Google search results. Good Search Engine Optimization is becoming vital to most company’s success in the digital world, and good SEO can essentially point your entire target audience directly to your website through a simple Google search.

Where does your site rank?

Every second, of every given day Google receives over 63,000 searches. How many times do you think you, or your audience load up Google each day looking to find information, nearby restaurants or services?

When a potential customer searches for information that relates to your company, products or services, you want to show up first. Research shows that 60% of traffic from Google searches go straight to websites that appear in the first three search results.

What could getting seen first on Google mean for your company?

Request a free SEO audit and consultation to find out today!

Organic SEO

We do everything possible to ensure that the techniques we use comply with the ever-changing search engine guidelines, and therefore offer complete transparency to all of our clients. We always recommend the long-term, content-led organic approach to SEO.

The DOJO Digital Approach

All SEO activity is carefully planned, implemented and monitored daily to ensure it returns value for our clients and exceeds previously set targets. As your Bristol SEO agency, we will always guarantee the following:

• SEO Audit: Our Bristol SEO consultant will conduct a thorough technical analysis of your website to pinpoint any potential flaws or shortcomings that could be holding your website back.

• Keyword Research: In order to truly optimize your site, a deep analysis into both long and short tail keywords in addition to thorough search trend analysis knowledge will be implemented.

• Link Building through Content Creation: In using off-site link building strategies, we will effectively incorporate strong, high quality creative content that will be able to direct the flow of traffic straight to your website.

• Monthly Reports: In order to stay consistent and on-the-ball with your website, we will provide Monthly reports detailing successes, website statistics, analytics and actions moving forward.

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How long does it take to rank?

SEO rankings are mainly dependant on keyword difficulty (KD), keyword difficulty is a score based on 0 - 100 to determine a markets competition. For example, the keyword "bristol SEO" has a difficulty of 34 according to semrush (a popular SEO tool to measure KD). If your business is targeting a keyword with a high score, it will therefore take longer to rank compared to a keyword that has a lower keyword difficulty. Your best option is to contact us to view our approach to ranking, alongside a free SEO audit and consultation.

How does your SEO pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the hours it takes to get the keyword placement you desire. This ties back to understanding how keyword difficulty (KD) can affect SEO rankings. For a keyword such as "bristol seo", we would charge more than a lower difficulty long tail keyword such as "bristol seo marketing agency". This is because going for keywords with more competition takes more time, production and resources compared to a keyword with a lower difficulty.

Will you put me in an SEO contract?

Once you contact us, we will immediately conduct a free SEO audit and consulation of how well you are currently performing via organic search. Based on what our Bristol expert SEO team can see, we will bring forward a scope of work, laid out for your viewing that outlines the time and budget needed to rank for your keywords. Usually, we place our clients into agreements as SEO is not a one Month and done solution. The only time we wont use contracts is when doing one time optimizations, SEO consulting and project-based SEO for a given website.

What is your approach to SEO?

Our approach varies depending on the type of brand you own, however we get the majority of our work done by focusing on creating high quality relevant content, updating your website content regularly, creating click-worthy SEO optimized title tags and meta tags, optimizing website page speed and producing link worthy content. With these suggestions it is safe to say you'll see positive movements regardless of the industry.

Do I pick the keywords?

When we launch an SEO campaign we always what keywords you want to rank for. Once we have that set list of keywords, we can then determine other keywords that fit well with your brand. Targeting keywords all comes down to what your target user is trying to accomplish when making a search. We can also use tools to find keywords that are being searched the most in your local area or throughout the world.

Will you write the content?

Yes, if you don't have existing website content for us to optimize or a content marketing team, we will do it for you. Our SEO strategy is usually part of a broader content marketing strategy. Using a team of highly skilled writers and copywriters, we can create high quality content that represents your brand and it's ethos. We specialize in writing high quality articles that are 500 - 10,000 words long all in the efforts to rank for a specific keyword and create website buzz. If you already have content, we then optimize your existing content to make sure it gets seen via search engines.

Do you guarantee rankings?

We never guarantee SEO rankings and we don't believe any SEO company can either, however, we have an exceptional SEO track record and have never had a client who wasn't pleased with our results. We, at DOJO Digital believe our case studies and testimonials speak to that end.

How often will results be reported

We provide bespoke Monthly performance reports, detailing successes, website statistics, analytics and actions moving forward, alongside all of the metrics that are important to you. Your assigned Bristol SEO Specialist, will then spend time taking you through these reports if needed, explaining all the data and performance metrics and the work we've been doing.

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